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Ways on the confine Prettau: High way

In direction to the "Hasental" and the "Weiße Wand" ...

Ways on the confine Prettau: High way    
Duration: 6 hours
Altidude: 917 m
Altidude downhill: 917 m
Difficulty: medium
Start: Kasern/Casere - 1600 m
End: "Weiße Wand" - 2517 m
Marking: 11 + 3 + 1


These ways time passed served for the transport of the food. Now these ways are important for the tourism. 

Path description:We start in Kasern, n. 11, direction bridge Röt, path n. 3 Innerbichleralm, the huts Stegeralm, Alprechtalm and to the Hasental (2100 m), n. 1 path Fulda direction Weiße Wand. Descent nr. 1 Fulda to Götsch/Prettau (bus stop).

The theme of the walk:We are looking for the Alps of Zillertal, the groups of Rieserferner. Imbedded in the groups of Rieserferner we can gape the Weiße Wand. Over the yoke we arrived Rein and than Osttirol.
Alprecht Alm
Malga Steger/Steger Alm
... ...
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Seilbahn Speikboden
open from 08/06/2019 to 13/10/2019
Seilbahn Klausberg
open from 25/05/2019 to 20/10/2019
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Klausberg Flitzer
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St. Jakob
1192 m
Sonnklar III Speikboden
1980 m