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Walk path Schattenberg

Mühlen - gorge - Schattenberg

Walk path Schattenberg    
Length: 3.2 km
Duration: 1 hours
Altidude: 146 m
Altidude downhill: 146 m
Difficulty: medium
Start: Church Mühlen in Taufers/Molini di Tures, 861m
End: Church Mühlen in Taufers/Molini di Tures, 861m
Marking: 6, 9B, 9
Path description:This contemplative circular route starts in Mühlen at the church from where we move south towards the “Schattenbergstrasse” road which slopes up the Schattenberg to the first mountain farms. Just before reaching the first, path 9a branches off to the left; it is this path that we must follow. The path leads down to the wild romantic Mühlener Klamm couloir. The descent is steep: if it is raining or snowing then take care – fortunately, the main part of the descent is protected by a handrail. We Cross the “Mühlwalder Bach” river and keep following the path on the opposite side up to the “Moser Höfen” where the sign is not easy to spot. Cross the meadows and pass through the ‘‘Stadelbrücke’’ barn bridge of the upper “Moserhof” eventually reaching the “Mühlwalder” road. There we take either the path from the ‘‘Moserstöckl’’ chapel on the other side of the road down to the route through alder woods and then the footpath back to Mühlen, or we branch off after walking 100 m along the “Mühlwalder” road on the path to our right which leads over the bank along the fringe of the alder forest towards the “Mühlener village” centre.

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Hans Kammerlander
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Mario Larcher
Konrad Auer
Günther Ausserhofer
Georg Ratschiller
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