Lake hiking trails in Tauferer Ahrntal Valley

Beautiful lakes at all altitudes, which all can be best explored by foot.

Klamml lake    
Klamml lake
Length: 6.4 km
Duration: 2.1 hours
Altidude: 557 m
Start: Parking Place "Knuttental" Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures
End: Klamml lake
Lake Kofler    
Lake "Kofler"
Length: 5.5 km
Duration: 2.4 hours
Altidude: 790 m
Start: Parking place "Knuttental" Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures
End: Lake "Kofler"
Lake Klaussee    
Lake Klaussee
Length: 3.072 km
Duration: 2 hours
Altidude: 577 m
Altidude downhill 577 m
Start: Klausberg valley station 1591 m
End: Lake Klaussee 2161 m
Lake Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini    
Lake Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini
Duration: 0.5 hours
Start: Lake Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini
End: Lake Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini
Lake Neves    
Lake Neves
Length: 4 km
Duration: 1 hours
Altidude: 53 m
Start: Lake Neves
End: Lake Neves
Lake Seeberg    
Lake Seeberg
Length: 3.5 km
Duration: 2.2 hours
Altidude: 732 m
Start: Zösental Lappach/Lappago
End: Lake Seeberg
Lake Tristensee    
Lake Tristensee
Length: 7 km
Duration: 4 hours
Altidude: 896 m
Altidude downhill 896 m
Start: Weißenbach/Rio Bianco, parking Ledohöüsnalm
End: Lake Tristensee
Lake Wengsee    
Lake Wengsee
Length: 3.6 km
Duration: 3 hours
Altidude: 842 m
Start: Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini
End: Lake Wengsee
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Seilbahn Klausberg
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Klausberg Flitzer
K-Express / Mountain station Klausberg
St. Johann
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