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Rita Kirchler    
62 years old
Hiking guide
Ahrntal/Valle Aurina
... discover, explore, marvel, observe, enjoy
Rita Kirchler
How did I discover this kind of sport?
Since I was a child hiking has always been my favorite free time activity. What I can do when I walk in the nature: discover, explore, marvel, observe, enjoy the silence, recover.

What do I love of this kind of sport/activity?
For what concerns health aspects it has been scientifically proven, that hiking is a perfect activity. It is the return to the human dimension: the dimension of the pace. I’m linked to the slowness and rhythms of nature. There always are little, fine moments of sensuous experiences. I can take a deep breath and respire, I’m able to find calm and balance. The unspoilt nature is the best healer, teacher, mentor and therapist for me.

Why is the Ahrntal/Valle Aurina suitable for this kind of sport/activity? And what do I find particularly great in this valley for that kind of sport?
Ahrntal/Valle Aurina is a real paradise for hiking fans and climbers and besides valley and pasture walks, it offers easy and difficult mountain tours and for alpinists sure of steps and free from giddiness a variety of high alpine summit experiences. Such a varied landscape is not easy to find in South Tyrol.

My inside tip
Ahrntal/Valle Aurina has many particular places, so called “places of strength”. They radiate a positive energy and have a revitalizing, charging and soothing effect on us(i.e. near a waterfall). There we can
  • meet the character of landscape
  • experience calm and spiritual impulses
  • hear in the silence
  • gain strength, let loose every emotion and take consistent decisions in everyday life.
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Fri, 15
min: -1°
Sat, 16
min: -9°
Seilbahn Speikboden
open from 02/12/2017
Seilbahn Klausberg
open from 02/12/2017
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Klausberg Flitzer
Almexpress & Glück Speikboden
2000 m
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